Achieve More Good
Without More Effort

Optimising the impact and outcomes of organisations working on humanitarian and global problems through data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Gain Meaningful Insights & Actionable Intelligence from Your Data to Achieve More Good


All your data in one spot, when you need it.

Social impact and outcomes data can be messy, but having specialised artificial intelligence and streaming data services, enables evaluation of actual toucomes.

A single location for real-time data . Artificial Intelligence makes this meaningful to each individual n the organisation.


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AI driven insights guide all parties towards the most impactful outcomes. Listen and respond to the needs of all stakeholders through our ideation and stakeholder engagement platform. Share learnings across departments or across the world.


Improving Lives

A platform for organisations to utilise AI driven insights to deliver more impactful programs, producing greater outcomes for all stakeholders and beneficiaries, without additional effort and with increased certainty.

Everyone is better off.

Economic Opportunity

Non-profit, government and aid organisations, are provided with the actionable intelligence to deliver greater social impact per dollar spent on their programs.

Work and life becomes easier.

Make Your Data Work For You

Gain Actionable Insights in Real Time


Meaningful data aggregation in one platform

Access the right data at the right time, for real-time feedback & early intervention


Blockchain authentication & tracking for all data

Management of data & data-connection sharing

Organisations can set rules to share data & learnings Impact Optimisaiton Platform platform

Engage your stakeholders & beneficiaries

Prove the social ROI of your programs & attract more funding


View and present information at just right level

Concentrate on delivering outcomes

AI & Machine Learning supports you

" as global efforts to develop new frameworks around the responsible use of emerging technologies begin to take shape, it is imperative that they address not only the human rights implications of “misuse”, but also those of “missed use.” "

UN Global Pulse Director, Robert Kirkpatrick

Functionality Desperately Needed “For Good”

Our platform consolidates and standardises data across systems, unlike traditional “Impact” business intelligence, analytics and evaluation. 

It also layers quantitative and qualitative data and utilises AI and Machine Learning to analyse hundreds of datasets and metrics to give actionable insights from disparate data sources.

We enable organisations to optimise the outcomes and impact of their programs in real-time, without needing a team of data scientists, data warehouses or months of data cleaning just to get a pretty report.

Our ideation functionality guides which metrics should be used, giving all stakeholders an equal voice, including end beneficiaries.

Backed by strong AI/ML smarts, data-visualisations come to life with actionable alerts and notifications, so subject matter experts can work their magic, without having to sift through data (or worse yet, waiting for the pdf report to come in a few months).

Sharing Our Mission, Supporting Our Cause

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