Optimise Your Impact

Learn to leverage data to gain actionable intelligence + transform the way you operate.

impactful.ai are a Melbourne based human-centred consultancy working with purpose driven organisations, movers, shakers & innovators to become data agile, gain provable ROI & optimise their impact.

Love Data

Optimise Impact

Be Agile

Using a data driven approach, stakeholders at all levels are able to take part in the design,
development, measurement and reporting of programs to guide greater outcomes.


The Right Audience

Funding & Resources

Strong Brand Following


Onboard & Convert

Retain & Advocate

Become inValuable


Optimise & Improve

Provable Positive Outcomes

Sustainable Positive Change

Use data driven analytics.
Gain provable return on investment.
Achieve greater impact.

Return on Investment

What is your organisation trying to achieve?
Every organisation has goals.  We work with your team to make sure that what is funded results in the biggest impact.

Our team and methodologies are by their very nature cross sector, marrying proven best practice strategies + tactics from both the for and non-profit world, public and private sector, community organisations and enterprise innovation.

You can have the best of both worlds, gather left and right brain thinking and values, technology and machine learning, to deliver sustainable positive change.

What are the outcomes of working with us?
You will have the actionable intelligence you need to get the best results, working on what delivers the greatest outcomes ... giving you provable positive change for stakeholders, funders and key beneficiaries. 


Positive outcomes of the public  sector + tech innovation + data driven actionable intelligence = an obvious win win.

impactful.ai helps you to adopt lean innovation and agile methods, merged with human-centred systems and design methodologies to optimise your impact.

Awesome Partners & Clients

We make people better at their most important work ... the type of work that changes people's lives and makes the world a better place.

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